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2009 AFAA Description
Promote a Community Consciousness of Wellness
Model Healthy Living
Build Collaborative Bridges


Aid for AIDS/Africa (AFAA) has been operating informally since 1997, lead by its founder Maurice Graham. He believed that, using the resources of organizations in both the U.S. and Africa, there is an opportunity to redirect disease thinking by applying the concept of Wellness even with a HIV/AIDS diagnose. Knowing that it was possible to form a conduit between the resources in the U.S. and those in great need in sub-Saharan Africa, he was able to provide educational forums and arrange for the delivery of drugs and medical supplies to some African countries. Using his own HIV status and his own example of “living well”, he is able to inspire others to participate in sharing life’s victories over all the health disparities we as people of color experience around the world. In 2001, AFAA, became a California public benefit corporation. In 2002, AFAA became a federal non-profit 501c3 corporation.


Speakers Bureau

This program has been Operating in the San Francisco East Bay Area since 1997. The program’s aim is to provide a picture of what it was like before becoming HIV positive, what happen after being diagnosed and what is it like now. It addresses how to live a full life through treatment, support, and other available tools, making presentations to community groups, schools, and faith-based organizations on prevention and treatment issues. The program is run both locally and abroad.

Community Forums

The Living Well, Living Healthy program is an educational program designed by people living with the HIV disease. Its purpose is to develop positive, effective life management skills and knowledge. The forums are also designed to help prevent people not infected with HIV/AIDS to practice healthier choices in sexual and overall behavior.


Annually, since 1999 AFAA has taken members of our community and organizations to Africa to teach and learn about the effects of HIV/AIDS and substance abuse. What we have learned is how to more effectively address the needs of people living with HIV at the level of the people. Our focus is to support national organizations of People Living with AIDS (PLWA’s). We through our collaborative efforts have made many accomplishments building bridges all over the US and Africa. Please contact us and join us on our next trip as a Health Ambassador, sharing your talents, skills and resources.

HIV & Substance Abuse Educational Consulting

AFAA consults with local organizations and international governmental agencies on developing a positive response to the gap that exist in most African nations prevention and treatment programs relating to substance abuse and new HIV infections. It is generally accepted that under the influence of alcohol and other drugs more people have been infected than any other way. AFAA is working to prove this as a fact so that this gap can be addressed more effectively through research.

Community and Peer Advocacy Consulting

AFAA functions as a consultant in the development and implementation of an Advocacy council for the underserved and voiceless in the Oakland area. AFAA with its local and international partners is also developing a curriculum designed to produce new youth and adult HIV community and peer advocates.

Internationally, AFAA with our local partners is implementing an exchange program bringing staff from African ASO’s (AIDS service organizations) to the U.S. for 6 months internships and American ASO’s staff to Africa to build bridges and provide solutions to our many common challenges relating to stigma, discrimination, fear, testing and treatment of HIV and substance abuse.


AFAA began informally in 1997

2002 Became a Non-profit Corporation

Since 1998, hand delivered medications and educational materials to African nations including Ghana, Zimbabwe, S. Africa and Swaziland.

2000- Presented at the International AIDS Conference in S. Africa. AFAA partnered with the Swaziland government and the Economic Development Fund Foundation, which lead to the improvement of Swaziland’s AIDS services. Facilitated a Humanitarian mission to Ghana on behalf of AIDS Project of the East Bay and City of Refuge

In 2001- organized and participated in a long-term survivor’s forum on an Oakland public access cable channel in conjunction with the African American AIDS Emergency Task Force.

In 2002- Presented at International AIDS Conference in Barcelona, Spain. Participated in a collaborative trip to Zimbabwe during which AFAA assisted in providing healthy living presentations to schools and local AIDS service organizations in Zimbabwe.

In 2003- lead a group of doctors and nurses to Ghana, and recruited Gay and substance abuse organizations to participate in prevention and education activities, and distributed pamphlets in areas known for dangerous sexual activities.

In 2004- traveling with AFAA, members of a 12-step program concerning substance abuse initiated its 1st meeting in Ghana. Developed relationships with NAP+ an international network of people living with HIV/AIDS to provide educational consulting regarding the development of new programs of support

In 2005- AFAA was responsible for getting a new HIV CD4 testing device to Ghana through Stanford University and the Bill Gates Foundation. Ghana has 21 million people and 8 testing devices currently. AFAA distributed educational materials to sex workers and youth in the clubs and beach areas.

In 2006- AFAA delivered a 40 foot container with medicine, medical equipment, food and clothing to Ghana. Container was sponsored by a collaboration of bay-area community organizations. Supported the Recovery from Addiction effort by delivering additional educational and program materials collected from the San Francisco area fellowships. AFAA held workshops on Living Well from HIV and Addiction in community forums and through the media.

In 2007- Partnered with Life Chiropractic College to provide free services to the Ghanaian community. AFAA Continued to support the recovery from addiction community. Began working with MSM organizations in Africa.

In 2008- Organizer of an HIV Advocacy Council in the San Francisco east bay area. We participated in the planning for a national treatment of substance abuse program with our partners at the Ghana Narcotics Control Board and the government Detox program. Provided free chiropractic service to children and health service organizations clients as well as to the faith-based community.



Produce Peer Advocacy Curriculum

Develop an Advocate Training Program

Expanding our Speakers bureau into more people of color schools

Continue to create a community voice through advocacy for the underserved


Create entrepreneurial programs for African PLWHA

Develop African and American ASO Exchange Programs

Continue to create new partnerships of support as we address resource to needs

Establish our own African presence