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Aid for AIDS/Africa (AFAA) has been operating informally since 1997, lead by its founder Maurice Graham. He believed that, using the resources of organizations in both the U.S. and Africa, there is an opportunity to redirect disease thinking by applying the concept of Wellness even with a HIV/AIDS diagnose. Knowing that it was possible to form a conduit between the resources in the U.S. and those in great need in sub-Saharan Africa, he was able to provide educational forums and arrange for the delivery of drugs and medical supplies to some African countries. Using his own HIV status as an example of living well, he is able to inspire others to participate in sharing lifes victories over all the health disparities we as people of color experience around the world. In 2001, AFAA, became a California public benefit corporation. In 2002, AFAA became a federal non-profit 501c3 corporation.

Addressing the Issues

AID for AIDS/Africa seeks to address the disproportionate numbers of people of color through out the world living with HIV/AIDS. AID for AIDS/Africas goals are to educate Africans Americans and African concerning AIDS prevention and treatment, and to help in extending the lives of those affected by this disease, using the methods of education, collaboration, and support in universal access to medical treatment..

Intervention Techniques

AID for AIDS/AFRICA seeks to use educational and medical intervention to STOP AIDS! The project also seeks to organize Americans, especially African Americans, to address HIV/AIDS transmission, prevention and treatment locally and abroad, with a special emphasis on African nations. The organization addresses the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS by raising awareness and lessening ignorance in both American and African communities.

Strategic Objectives

We use a team of educators, medical professionals and community advocates to reach as many people of color communities as possible in the Oakland and San Francisco bay area. Additionally, the intention is to direct and focus the spiritual, political and social communities of America and Africa for the purpose of extending LIFE through a joint effort using each groups unique abilities to address the stigma, apathy, fear and discrimination that people living with HIV face here and in Africa. We are looking for partners to support us in the development of innovative programs from the community perspective.



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