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To expand the WELLNESS model by promoting life supporting thinking and behavioral practices for all people starting with the people of color communities in the U.S., Africa, and beyond. We seek to use educational and medical intervention to stop AIDS. We intend to direct and focus the spiritual, political, and social communities of the U.S. and Africa for the purpose of extending life through a joint effort using each group’s unique abilities to address the concerns of stigma and fear with Faith and open-mindedness. We are a channel for resources to communities in need.

Aid for AIDS/Africa’s focus and mission is to address the disproportionate numbers of people of color living with HIV/AIDS. Aid for AIDS/Africa’s goals are to educate African Americans and Africans concerning AIDS prevention and treatment, and to help in extending the lives of those affected by this disease, using the methods of education, collaboration, and advocating for universal prevention and medical support from a community perspective.

AID for AIDS Africa's Mission falls under four areas:


Effectively communicating all modes of HIV/AIDS transmission causes and issues, particularly sexual behaviors not traditionally discussed to raise awareness and prevent infection. Also to connect people who are infected to care and treatment.

Implement an International Exchange Program to share the lessons learned in the various situations people living with HIV/AIDS find themselves, taking advantages of both our similarities and our differences.

Establish and identify underserved and disenfranchised members of the community like MSM (Men who have sex with Men but do not identify as gay) and people recovering from addiction to support those who are already HIV-positive. Initiate support groups and connect with social and sexual networks providing peer advocacy training where possible. To keep increasing the community competency level regarding the attitudinal and behavioral changes necessary to overcome stigma and all health disparities including HIV.

Research Development-Collecting data from all parts of the community for a more complete picture of the realities of those who may not be connected to care or treatment and why. Researching the relationship between alcohol and other substance abuse as it relates to new HIV infections.

* Address and eliminate issues and barriers to getting tested.
* Develop new avenues of eliminating stigmas that kill.



* Support the development of alternative clinics where all who need services are welcomed by the health care practitioner.

* Develop peer education programs that provide information that is easily understood by non professionals.

* Make available and increase access to more treatments like chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapies in lieu of or in conjunction with traditional medications

* Support testing programs


AFAA with its partners are building services in HIV resource poor environments locally and internationally by combining our efforts creating new opportunities to serve our communities. Getting the larger communities buy-in to support our joint efforts to reach our community with culturally sensitive and relevant information dispelling the stigma while providing new opportunities to adapt to our current reality. Our motto is “There is nothing we can not accomplish when we collectively set an intention walking in Faith.”


Developing funding collaborations to build services locally and in Africa by combining our expertise creating programs that bridge support and allow for the cultural and technical exchange necessary to increase the flow of life energy to all of the collaborating organizations.

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